Announcement: Rust-Edu

Bart Massey on Jul 11, 2022

Today we proudly and excitedly announce the formation of Rust-Edu, an organization dedicated to Rust education.

MISSION — We are committed to promote the adoption of Rust throughout the academic world. We believe that we can work with the Rust community to provide tools and educational support for students and faculty to learn and build in new and better ways. In doing so, we will drive the adoption of Rust as a key technology for years to come. While we are initially focused on college level learning, long term, we hope to broaden our scope.

GOALS — We have identified three types of initiative that we want to take on:

  • Create a Rust-based Curriculum — Our initial effort is focused on creating a modular turnkey Rust curriculum for college-level Computer Science courses. Starting with an Introductory Programming course, we want to build Rust-based modules and entire courses covering traditional Computer Science topics such as Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Embedded Development, and Networking.

  • Make Learning Rust Easier — We want to leverage the growing interest in building tools that make learning and mastering Rust easier. We believe that the notorious difficult learning curve of the language can be overcome with better tooling for education.

  • Make Rust More Developer Friendly — We want to provide feedback to the Rust Project itself, helping to make Rust a more learnable language for developers. We would like to identify places where we can help with syntax, tooling, documentation, exercises, and error messages.

WHO WE ARE — We are a group of academics and community members wanting to make progress and provide focus and support for Rust Education, in an environment that warmly welcomes all of those who wish to work and play in this grand endeavor.

GET INVOLVED — We are extraordinarily grateful to Futurewei, Inc for funding this initial work: if you want to contribute financially, please let us know. Also, if you are involved in Rust and academia, or would like to be, we would love to have your help. Please visit us at or reach out by email at <>.