Rust Education Workshop 2022

The Rust-Edu Org 2022 Rust Education Workshop, a one-day virtual meeting to discuss the future of Rust education, was held 20 August 2022.

Topics discussed included

  • The future of Rust as a language of choice in college CS education. We are particularly interested in the use of Rust as a teaching language in courses that are not directly language related: for example operating systems, networking, or embedded programming. We are also interested in the future potential of Rust as an early CS teaching language.

  • Tool-driven and content-driven methods for improving Rust learning in general: for example tools for improving Rust code understanding, enhancements to existing tools to aid Rust learnability, or Rust teaching and tutoring content and frameworks.

  • Possible enhancements to the Rust language and Rust Project tooling to improve learnability.